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The headwaters of the Stikine River is in British Columbia and flows 400 miles to salt water near Wrangell, Alaska, the "Gateway to the Stikine". Named by the Tlingit Indians, Stikine River means "Great River”. Join us as we travel up the Stikine through small side channels of the river known as ‘sloughs’ to reach the river’s many destinations. Shakes glacier is the feature of this tour, at the far end of a massive glacier lake that is resides in. Depending on river height, enjoy a soak in the Chief Shakes hot springs, located just upstream of the glacier.
Points of interest on the tour include:

=> Shakes Glacier
=> Chief Shakes Hot Springs
=> The largest springtime population of Bald Eagles
=> Millions of migrating waterfowl
=> Huge Hooligan run
=> USFS Cabins
=> Wildflowers on the river’s delta

Stikine-Tour - 4 hours
We depart from Wrangell and within 10 minutes will be on the delta of the river. We’ll make our way across the delta and up the labyrinth of channels of the river, culminating at the face of Shakes Glacier. We will stop several times along the way at points of interest or for viewing wildlife on the banks. After viewing the glacier, we’ll make our way back down the river to Wrangell.
PRICE: $240 per person

Multi-day Telegraph Creek Adventure - 1 to 3 days
Join us for the trip of a lifetime! We’ll depart from Wrangell and begin the approximately 6 hour, 180 mile trip up the Stikine to Telegraph Creek, British Columbia, Canada. Take in the incredible views of multiple glaciers and ice-fields on the mountains along the way, while keeping your eyes peeled for animals on the banks. Upon our arrival in Telegraph, we’ll take a short drive to the beautiful Hyland Creek B&B. Relax and enjoy the scenery, hiking trails, and peace and quiet that Hyland Creek provides! When our stay is complete, we’ll load back up in the boat and return downstream to Wrangell, with the satisfaction of knowing you’ve traveled MUCH further up the river than most adventurers!
PRICE: Starting at $2,220 per trip

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STIKINE PRICE: $240 per person

TELEGRAPH PRICE: $2,200 per trip

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Captain Zach Taylor was born and raised right here in Wrangell, Alaska. He has spent his life cruising up and down the rivers learning how to chart the best course and provide visitors with a true Alaskan experience.  If you don't see what you're looking for just CONTACT US and we'll try and make it happen for you.

Anan bears

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Stikine River

Come travel the Mighty Stikine River with Muddy Water Adventures

$240 per person

Anan bears

USFS Cabins, surrounding communities and more!

Muddy Water Adventures is an equal opportunity provider and a permit holder in the Tongass National Forest

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